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I didn’t design all these dresses, but I DID put them all into Animal Crossing  :D

Although I DID design a couple of them

I also will consider requests - I can’t promise anything, the dress has to interest me.
(although I am also open to commissions; price depends on complexity, but probably wouldn’t be more than $5, & closer to $3)

So I started a RHPS poster back in August.  I wanted to add Magenta & Riff Raff, but I couldn’t get them to work in a way I was happy with, so I left the picture alone, with plans to get back to it.

6 months later I finally got back to it.  Drew Magenta & Riff Raff, & realized that they looked much better than all the other characters.  So I had to re-draw all the other characters to match

I thought this side-by-side comparison was interesting.  I don’t often get to see just how much I’ve improved in such a short amount of time

Art block, or something more? Time will tell.

I’m starting to think that spending my entire life being an artist isn’t really a viable option.  I still enjoy the idea of being an artist, but I feel like I’ve burnt out.  I haven’t picked up my art supplies because I WANT to in over 2 weeks.  I used to be able to just work, & everything would just come naturally, or at worst I’d feel like sketching but I’d need to finish colouring instead so I’d force myself to work on that, but now I find myself thinking of other things I could be doing, things I’d rather be doing.  Working on art is just like any other thing I have to do that I don’t really want to; my heart just isn’t in it.
I thought if I left it alone long enough, it would get better.  But it’s been over 2 weeks & I’m not seeing any improvement.  I can make myself work, but it’s more because I feel bad that I’m not doing anything, & that’s my only source of income.

So I’m toying with other ideas for things I could do to make money.  Knowing me though, I worry about getting into anything, as I tend to get into a new project, spend a bunch of time & money, & then decide that it’s not right for me (writing a cookbook, making a braided rug, scrapbooking, webcomics, graphic novels, I could go on).  I’ve been reading books on DIY domestic stuff lately, like soap making, hand cream, & lip balm, & those all sound like they’d be fun to do. I’m also looking into making my own varieties of tea.  These all sound like things I could make & sell, but again, I’m not really sure I’d enjoy them enough to put the time & effort into starting a new business
I want my love of art to come back, not because I miss it, but because it’s an easy answer as to what I should do with all my spare time.

Finishing Unfinished Art

I started working on a RHPS poster back in August or so.  I was having trouble with it (with Riff Raff & Magenta), so I put it on the back burner…. & promptly forgot about it

Queue to 6 months later, I finally pull it back out & draw in Riff Raff & Magenta… & they look so much better than all the other characters

So I had to go back & re-draw Frank N Furter, Columbia, Brad, & Janet.  I was kinda tempted to leave it for a little while (as I wasn’t expecting to have to do that much work that day), but I knew better.

It’s frustrating to have to re-do all that work, but on the plus side, it looks even better now. 

Now all I need to do is transfer it & finish it; but this stage can wait, as long as the sketch is finished  XD


Sensory defensiveness (Misophonia, Tactile sensitivity, sensitivity to light/sound/taste) is like being in a room full where everyone is having surgery, but you’re the only one without anesthesia and everyone around you is giving you looks for reacting and they keep telling you things like “Stop complaining so much” and “do you see anyone else reacting like that?

This is quite possibly the best explanation of Misophonia that I’ve seen.  As someone who suffers from it, this is completely accurate

My Quinte Mini Con report, & why I am going to warn every artist I know against going.

Alright, this may seem a little harsh, but seriously?  I voiced my opinion & got berated & my art insulted by someone who wasn’t anything more than an attendee.
So here’s my report.

Quinte Mini Con sucked.  It had potential (heck, it had almost 300 people show up)
it only had 1 panel room, so there was only one panel going at a time, which is a bad omen.  The only other ‘activity’ was a game room, where you could go play board or card games (I assume, I hardly left the sales floor)
The sales floor had the dealers directly across from the artists, no separation.  This may work at bigger cons, but when you’re in a small town like Belleville, it doesn’t work.  People see all these neat Japanese imports that they can’t get unless they go to a big city, & they spend all their money on that stuff.
When I voiced my concern at the con, I was told that the con values both artists & dealers, & wanted to keep them on equal footing.  I can tell you right now, a small locally owned business will FALL when put on equal footing as Walmart.
I also had an issue with the dealer room closing at 7pm when the website & schedules all said 8pm.  My husband asked one of the staff members & they told him that they were closing early for people to restock (meaning dealers, as artists weren’t selling shit that day).  When I mentioned this the next day, I was told that ‘people hear what they want to hear’ & it was because everyone needed a break & there was an issue with one set of doors into the room.  Then later we were told that the dealers were told to shut down at 7pm, so that’s why the room shut down early.
Basically my concerns & issues were brushed aside, & I was told that my complaining was offensive to one of the people on my FB list.
Later, when that same person made a snarky remark on their FB about how people don’t read, I commented on how half the information available to read is incorrect (or outright ignored by the staff), I got the aforementioned attendee coming in, white-knighting the staff member, telling me it’d be no big loss if I didn’t come back again next year

& insulting my art

Now, I have no problem if people don’t like my art.  But to sit there & personally attack me while I was trying to point out how the con could improve for future years?  No.
& to me, that’s a complete embodiment of how Belleville con attendees feel about the original artists.  I didn’t hear of ANY of the artists doing well at this con.
The main reason I was pointing out issues is so that they’d know where to improve for future years.  However, that was before all this crap went down.  Now I just want to warn EVERY ARTIST I can to NOT go to Quinte Mini Con.  You’ll just get ignored & insulted if you dare to complain or point out a flaw.

I made $150 at QMC.  I more than made my con goal of $65 (that was just to cover costs.  Because I’m from the area, & my husband & I are nomads, we had no extra food costs, no travel costs, & no hotel costs.  There’s no way I would have been able to cover those costs)
BUT half the money I made was from crap I pulled out of my parents basement, like My Little Ponies, & figurines.
I’ve been to smaller cons, with less pre-made stuff to sell, & made over double that in the same amount of time. (plus this was in mid-2000, when my art was less refined than it is now)

So, by saying that my crummy sales are because of my lack of talent, the attendee is basically saying that EVERY artist who had crummy sales is a shitty artist.  Which isn’t cool, because there were a LOT of talented artists at QMC, being unappreciated because of green tea flavoured pocky.

(on another note, the staff member that the attendee was white-knighting has since gotten booted off staff for future cons because of the number of complaints against her.  So apparently other people had crummy sales & were taking it out on her, or whatever the hell they think I was trying to do)

(also, because I don’t want people accusing me of taking these comments out of context, here’s the whole conversation)

So, apparently if I don’t just sit there & pretend everything went well, it means my art is shit & I can’t draw

Yup, that’s completely why my art didn’t sell.  Not because small-time artists can’t compete with professional dealers, but because my art sucks

I’m sorry, every other small-time artist at Quinte Mini Con - apparently the reason you got shitty sales this past weekend was because MY art sucks & I can’t draw.

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